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Are you polite enough in Japanese?
    Another Japanese lesson is up!
    Do you know what to say and how to act when you're visiting your Japanese friends? There are different manners in each culture. Here are some simple phrases you can use in Japanese parties, and some tips to sound polite and friendly in Japanese. Enjoy!!

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    My YouTube Japanese lesson is up!
      Thank you so much for waiting!
      I have started my own YouTube channel, so I can start teaching Japanese again.
      This time, I design my own lessons and added a lot of subtitles, so it's easier to follow.
      Enjoy! And please feel free to leave comments ;)

      You can also follow me on Twitter for updates @uasakura

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      Translator debut!!

        It's been a loooong time... I hope you're all doing well and having a wonderful summer time!!

        This summer I'm going through some changes... work, life, etc... and the biggest one is my name is on the show catalog as a translator as well as an actor!!

        I'm in this play KATA-NA, starting on August 10 in Santa Monica, California. I am one of the cast members, and I also translated the script from Japanese to English. Now we're rehearsing almost every day, but when rehearsing in English, I am twice as nervous... Oh yes, we perform both Japanese & English!

        Hope you have time to come see the play!

        Katana Poster
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        See you tonight at Yokoso News!
          Sorry I have been away so long... But I'm back!
          I have some new projects coming up, and the first one is happening tonight.
          I was asked to be a part of this internet program. A few Japanese actors in Hollywood get togehter and talk about our experiences, hopes, and everything else! You can view it at


          The show starts at 7:00 p.m. (L.A.)
          I hope to see you there!

          For more info, check out

          Thank you!!!
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          Japonology @ Royal/T Cafe
            Have you heard of Royal/T cafe in Culver City, Los Angeles?
            This art gallery/maid cafe/pop art shop, will be the next "must go" place for those who want to know about mordern Japanese culture!
            Every other Thursday evening, Royal/T will be hosting "Japonology@Royal/T", and the opening night July 15th, along with a Japanese sake tasing event, I had a short Japanese language class.
            I and my lovely friend Mayumi (she got the high school uniform from Japan, thank you Mayu-chan!) introduced basic Japanese greetings and how to order in Japanese restaurants. We re-created "Japanese classroom environment" with a little bit "cosplay" (costume play) element. Our goal is to have you learn while having lots of fun!!

            We will have different themes on each night. For more info, go to www.royal-t.org
            Hope to see you there at the next Japonology@Royal/T!!
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