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Translator debut!!

    It's been a loooong time... I hope you're all doing well and having a wonderful summer time!!

    This summer I'm going through some changes... work, life, etc... and the biggest one is my name is on the show catalog as a translator as well as an actor!!

    I'm in this play KATA-NA, starting on August 10 in Santa Monica, California. I am one of the cast members, and I also translated the script from Japanese to English. Now we're rehearsing almost every day, but when rehearsing in English, I am twice as nervous... Oh yes, we perform both Japanese & English!

    Hope you have time to come see the play!

    Katana Poster
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    Japonology @ Royal/T Cafe
      Have you heard of Royal/T cafe in Culver City, Los Angeles?
      This art gallery/maid cafe/pop art shop, will be the next "must go" place for those who want to know about mordern Japanese culture!
      Every other Thursday evening, Royal/T will be hosting "Japonology@Royal/T", and the opening night July 15th, along with a Japanese sake tasing event, I had a short Japanese language class.
      I and my lovely friend Mayumi (she got the high school uniform from Japan, thank you Mayu-chan!) introduced basic Japanese greetings and how to order in Japanese restaurants. We re-created "Japanese classroom environment" with a little bit "cosplay" (costume play) element. Our goal is to have you learn while having lots of fun!!

      We will have different themes on each night. For more info, go to www.royal-t.org
      Hope to see you there at the next Japonology@Royal/T!!
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      Don't forget White Day!

        Those who have Japanese girl/boyfriends, attention!
        March 14th is called "White Day" in Japan. What is it? Everyone wears white? Does it snow a lot on that day?
        I have to start with St.Valentine's Day. In Japan, 2/14 is considered the day when girls can officially express their love to boys (w/ gift). That's right, girls take action! I guess traditionally it was men's job to initiate relationships (and I hope it still is :) but once a year, we get to do it! I didn't post this info a month ago, because... well, I thought it might work against me...

        Any way, let's continue with "White Day". So exactly a month later, 3/14, is the day when the boys "respond" to the girls. If a girl asks a boy out, he should give yes or no answer to her. If you're already a couple, give her a gift in return. If you got a sympathy gift, well, give a sympathy gift back.
        So why is "White" Day, not pink or blue? My theory is, since the most popular gift for St.Valentine's is chocolate, which is dark, this time the color is the opposite - white. And marshmallow is considered to be the gift of that day. Don't ask me who said that, my guess is probablly some ad agency... I personally like something else :)
        So, if you give someone something this year's St.Valentine's Day, maybe you can suggest to celebrate White Day too. In the end, love is supposed to go both ways, not just one way, right?
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