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Merry X'mas!
    I haven't been able to add anything since Thanksgiving... sorry, ごめんなさい!
    Time flies, really. So today is Christmas Eve. Santa is on his way! In Japan Christmas and the New Year's are the opposite. What I meant was, Christman is time for party (and romantic dates), and New Year's Day is for family get-together. If you think about Japan's religious background, it makes sense, right?
    Since Chiristmas is the first big event in winter, it has become a perfect "date" day... it actually is a big deal. You're supposed to be on the best date of the year. If you have someone, this is the happiest day. If not, well... (-_-)

    I was not very fortunate in the romantic department when I was living in Tokyo in my university days. I never went on a date on Christmas Eve. Instead, staring from the end of November, I often received phone calls from my friends.
    "So, Yuu-chan, what are you doing for Christmas?"
    They were not asking if I had a date plan. What they were actually asking was, "Are you working or out of town for Christmas?"
    Then my answer was always the same. "Nothing special."
    Then they went on how they ended up being single around this critical time of the year, and the conclusion was "We should do something!"
    The list of my 'lonely single female & male friends' was somewhat around 10 people by the Christmas Eve. Some were regulars, who showed up every year, and some were returned guests. On 12/24, We had a big nabe party in my tiny Tokyo apartment, and went to clubs or karaoke afterwards, spent all night with officailly lonely yet actually festive friends.
    When I look back those days, I have to admit I was very fortunate in friend department. I miss those days. I miss them. And if anyone from those days are reading this, thank you for spending wonderfully crazy Christmas nights with me!!

    Who are you spending this holiday season? I hope you're with people you love - your family, your partner, or you friends, and I want you to realize how lucky you are to have them in your life.
    So I guess Japanese Christmas spirit is not that different after all: Time to feel how much you're loved.
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    thanks for youre stor about Christmas,I used to live in LA, but now 'im in tokyo learning Japanese.
    | daniel | 2010/03/17 12:30 PM |