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    Hi! I am Yuu. Yes, I often confuse English speaking people when I introduce myself. But seriously, my name is Yuu and I teach Japanese in Los Angeles, California. I had a couple of online Japanese lessons on a site called Expertvillage, and some people sent me encouraging messages after watching those, so I thought I'd give a little more to those who're still out there, studying Japanese!
    I'll be telling you my honest experiences, stories regarding the language/cultural matters about Japan. I moved from Japan to L.A. 8 years ago and I often find myself in an interesting place... still Japanese inside, but live like an American... or Los Angelino, I should say. And I'll be happy to hear your stories too!
    By the way, my name is written as 優 and it means "grace", "best", and "kindness". In any way it's very positive and good. I thought about getting myself an American name, but I felt like betraying my parents' wishes. So it's still Yuu. No matter how many jokes can be created out of it, I'll keep it! It's mine, and it's the guide of my life.
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    I'm in my first year at university
    | Kyle | 2014/01/12 10:48 AM |
    Do you play any instruments?
    | Brady | 2013/08/10 10:32 AM |
    Where do you study?
    | crazyfrog | 2013/08/08 7:28 AM |
    I live near LA* what I meant to say sorry :)
    | じょしわ | 2012/06/14 10:10 AM |
    Hello Yuu わたしはなまえはじよしわ。I have only been studying Japanese for a few months now, but I am having trouble and looking for help. I leavnear Los Angeles and was wondering if you tutor. Thank you :)

    | じよしわがりせあ。 | 2012/06/14 10:08 AM |
    Hi Mike,

    Thank you for your comment and pointing out the typo! Unfortunately that YouTube site is posted by the third party and I have no access to it... but thank you.

    I hope you're enjoying your stay in Japan. You'll be surprised even a few words in their local language can open up so many doors!

    | U | 2010/03/06 9:14 PM |

    Great videos. I've been working with Japanese sales and engineering representatives from a number of copier/printer companies for many years. I may never be able to speak Japanese but it helps to be able to say good morning, etc.

    FYI - I found a small typo in your profile on eHow.

    ... She taught English in Japan for many years views here work in language training as offering a "communication tool for better understanding for one another."

    'should be "views her work"...


    Mike O'Hare

    | Mike O'Hare | 2010/03/02 11:01 PM |
    Hello, I just stumbled across your site, went to the teaching Japanese and went through a set of lessons. I would like to
    complement and thank you. I purchased some "learn Japanese Lessons" and found it is much easier to understand your lessons than the ones I have. So let me encourage you in what you are doing!
    Thanks again, Ken
    | Ken | 2009/10/19 3:39 PM |
    i would like to know my real name in japanese like in english form like Lane Gross Means Like Matsuo (tail of a pine tree) 溌春 Hatsuharu (vigorous spring time)but i dont think its right could you possibly email me the real name and meaning for Lane Gross.
    | Lane Gross | 2009/06/08 10:33 AM |