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Am I on YouTube?
    I googled my name and I found out I'm on YouTube... a lot! Well actually those clips are my Japanese lessons from Expertvillage, so I didn't upload myself. I enjoyed reading the comments. They are mostly positive messages, and I cannot thank people enough for taking time to watch my videos! Yes, there were some criticism, which I also appreciate. Unfortunately I'm not controlling those videos so I cannot make modifications or erase them... thanks for adding grammar details and other infos, and I am very sure they are helping those who want to dig deeper on those subjects.

    When I first made those videos for Expertvillage, it was an experiment for both the producers and me. There were not language "how to" videos yet at that time. The challenge for me was to make lessons interesting for the first timers, and each clip has to be a few minutes long. If you feel like studying more after watching them, I think we did okay :) But if you have any comments of feedbacks, please feel free to email me to

    By the way, I talked about my name 優 in my first blog, and my boyfriend Ryan wanted his name written in Japanese. So here are the options:
    ライアン (katakana)
    らいあん (hiragana)
    雷安 (kanji - Chinese characters)

    Usually katakana is used to write English words in Japanese phonetically. Hiragana is the most common letters we use in Japanese. Kanji themselves have their own meanings, and we use them when needed. Japanese is written in the combination of these three kinds of letters.
    Once upon a time, they used only kanji to write Japanese, and for foreign words they had to use kanji phonetically. For example, America was written 亜米利加 (This is why sometimes America is reffered as 米国 usind the second letter from the word, this reads "rice country" but it actually came from the kanji used to phonetically saying America.)
    雷安, although I came up with it as a sound, the meaning of those letter are "thunder" and "peace". So Ryan, a.k.a. Peaceful Thunder... I thought it was pretty cool ;) Would you like your name written in kanji, and hopefully cool meaning attached?
    Now, Ryan says he likes it so much he'd like to have it tatooed. Does anyone has a cool design idea for 雷安, the Peaceful Thunder?
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    Desde hace tiempo he buscado una persona que me ense単e el japones pero no he encontrado... hace poco m encontre con sus videos en youtube y m han servido de mucho..aunque calro que debo estudiar un poco mas el ingles jeje. La pagina me ha ayudado mucho. Gracias.
    | Karieya | 2010/01/09 4:44 AM |
    Hey, I like your site. Could you write my name in kanji and tell me the meaning?

    | Paris | 2009/12/10 8:19 AM |
    Nice site you have!
    | Lesbiche | 2009/01/27 12:37 PM |
    Hey this is a pretty cool site. I've been watching your videos on expertvillage. I've learned some great things from um! Hey what does my name mean in Kanji?

    Name: Harry

    | Harry | 2009/01/23 4:51 AM |
    Great site.
    | Sesso | 2009/01/22 4:41 PM |